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We are the dreamers, We are the dream.

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This community is for Neptunians, people with personal planets in pisces, personal planets with aspects to neptune, or personal planets in the 12th house. Society in general does not support or acknowledge the Neptunian nature and this LJ community was created in hopes of offsetting that. Some knowlege of Astrology is helpful. Here we can discuss the various aspects of having a strong Neptune influence and receive positive support (Which need since we can be oh so suggestible) and advice. Influences and effects of Neptune could include but are not limited to: Psychic sensitivity, People not "seeing" you as you really are, empathy, dissolution of boundaries, escapism, imagination, dreams, etc.. We are the dreamers, artists, poets, of the zodiac and we have a purpose here.

"People signified by Neptune include all those engaged in aesthetic, artistic, inspirational, literary, occult and psychic vocations (including mediums and mystics), or those connected with water."

Anyone who wants to learn about Neptune is welcome to join!

Some links for info about Neptune in astrology & Neptunians:

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